The Waifs Newsletter - 24th November 2014

Hi Y'all.

We've had great month and it's not over yet!

It was a highlight to play in our hometown of Albany for the Anzac Centenary celebrations. Music elevated, that's how it felt, being onstage with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO).  All of us on stage were riding that high. I think it was Ben who described it as someone putting a warm blanket around you. I heard a gentle beast walking through our songs.

Definitely a career highlight. Thanks to Lachlan Skipworth for the beautiful arrangements of our tunes. Thanks also to Morrison Clothing for the gorgeous dresses that added the right amount of class to the occasion and made both Donna and myself feel beautiful.

The Stray Sisters got invited to play The Sonic Sessions with the amazing Lucky Oceans at the Fremantle Arts Centre courtyard last Friday. A small intimate vibe with lots of talking, so Donna and I were in our element. Thanks to Lucky for making our songs sound so good. What a honour!  Thanks also to the City of Fremantle for putting on the show.  Plenty of pics and links on our Facebook pages.

Driving back to Freo after 5 days down south writing together. It s been decades since we cruised that coastline. Lots of laughs, sharing memories of the people we met, the gigs in bush halls, and writing songs in the park. Honestly, I didn't think it was possible for us to be in the same country for 5 days, let alone sitting around a kitchen table for that long.  Just 3 of us ,the guitars, pens and paper.  Lots of ideas thrown into the ring and a few born right there and then. Smells like a new album on the boil, watch it now so it don't boil over.  Ahh, what the hell! Let it all boil over, let it drip down the sides and stain the floor. 

Our 2nd Australian tour in 3 years starts this week in Alice Springs. We are looking forward to going to some rural towns, back down to Hobart and hopefully give some folks a chance to see the band live for the first time. The tour finishes in Busselton which is the first town Donna and I played in after we left Albany in 1992 . 

Said goodbye to the family today, leaving hubby with 3 sick boys. "Bye honey! I'm off to work,  to travel the country, dine out for every meal  and play music for a few weeks. Will you be right  with the kids?"  It was a sorry sight to behold.  The sacrifices we make. The good people we have in our lives.

So we hope to see you at these gigs. We have some new songs to play and it's interesting to hear how they develop from the kitchen table ditty to the stage . Retaining a bit of the kitchen table is the secret.

See you out there.  

Vikki Waif

Laura Jackson