Welcome - THE STRAY SISTERS - 24th February 2014


Sister connections run deep. Donna Simpson and Vikki Thorn of The Waifs know all about it. 

Donna & Vikki are getting back to basics, not as "The Waifs without Josh" but as The Stray Sisters rediscovering their love for singing and performing together. It is through harmonizing that Donna and Vikki forged an intuitive understanding of each other. The Waifs was their public vehicle but at home the sisters loved to sing and connect through the songs they grew up with. 

With the sisters living on opposite sides of the world and The Waifs temporarily out of action (aside from a one off show in May at the Kimberley Moon Experience), Donna and Vikki both felt the desire to return to the stage, inviting audiences to share in the joy of connecting through song. 

Touring the nation for the first time as The Stray Sisters, they will be joined by The Waifs alumni, bassist Ben Franz and will be premiering new material, as well as reworked favourites from The Waifs. 

The Stray Sisters will be performing in intimate venues around Australia; places they would have played in their very early days as The Waifs, such as Tilley's and The Basement. 

They will also be joining good friends the John Butler Trio as special guests in the beautiful outdoor venues of WA. 

Packing her bags to head around the country with The Stray Sisters will be Ruby Boots (aka the lovely Bex Chilcott) who will kick off proceedings for all shows aside from the festival and John Butler Trio dates. 

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Laura Jackson